AIP Electronics Premium Mass Air Flow Sensor MAF AFM Compatible with 1994-1995 Ford Mercury 3.8L 4.6L OEM Fit MF1641




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Product Description

Restore your air volume signal with this brand new mass air flow meter/sensor (MAF). Vital to your engine, a properly functioning mass air flow sensor ensures efficient operation of your engine and promotes fuel economy. Common symptoms of a failing MAF sensor include: rough idle, loss of power, decrease in fuel economy, stalling and possible MAF malfunction codes from your onboard diagnostics as indicated by a CEL (check engine light). We highly recommend consulting your local dealer for special installation procedures prior to installation to ensure proper function and preservation of your new MAF. Comes complete with sensor and housing. This part is a direct OEM replacement part and is ready for installation directly out of the box.






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AIP Electronic parts are supplied to almost every part of the world, appearing in all industries from passenger vehicle to heavy equipment. With the philosophy of only making high quality direct replacement parts which meet or exceed OEM Specifications, AIP leads the aftermarket in providing customers with direct fit, factory replacement parts.

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AIP replacement parts are engineered and manufactured in Tier 1 facilities to meet the expectations of professionals, who rely on quality parts to get the job done right, the first time. Offering great value and full line coverage, AIP is the choice for today’s professional technician.

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Our parts provide the best market advantage, giving you an affordable, high-quality option for replacement parts, and a great alternative to cheaply made, unbranded aftermarket components.

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Produced under the strictest quality guidelines and manufacturing methods, AIP parts undergo some of today’s most advanced testing and quality checks before making it to the customer. All parts are subjected to post production testing which include Chemical Resistance testing, Vibration testing, Salt Spray test, Thermal Shock testing, and Stress testing. All under the adherence of TS & ISO quality management systems.


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AIP offers complete part coverage, with solutions for common components to rare obscure parts, we offer coverage for Domestic & Foreign models from 1954 to 2019. Popular lines include Engine Management, Ignition, Switches, Emission, and Brake/Wheel.


Compatible with 1994-1995 Ford Mercury Thunderbird Cougar 3.8L 4.6L V8 **Be Sure to Check for Correct Fitment Using the Chart Above. Don’t See a Chart? Message us for help.
FEATURES: Premium Grade sensor elements for precise airflow metering, provides accurate readings even in the harshest environments, capable of reading correctly with ambient air temps ranging from -34F to 120F, Digital dual bonded wire connections to the PCB, anti-vibration circuit board gel encapsulation for extended service life, Bench flow tested to ensure MAF parameters meet or exceed OEM specifications.
DIRECT Factory Fit and Ready for Installation Straight Out of The Box
EASY DIY Plug and Play Install. Perfect for any professional or weekend mechanic.


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