KAC 2pcs Front Rear High Flow Catalytic Converter Kit Replacement for 2011-2016 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.6L V6 Direct-Fit Stainless Steel Catalytic Converter, Replace 16779 16780(EPA Compliant)




Price: $144.99
(as of Mar 16, 2024 03:09:58 UTC – Details)

Condition: Brand New
EPA OBD-II Approved
Standard: OBD III Compliant, Non-CARB Compliant
Restricted States: California, New York, Colorado Maine
Shell Material: Industrial Grade Stainless Steel
Converter Body Material: Stainless Steel
Substrate Material: Ceramic
Surface Treatment: Anodized to Rustproof
Mounting: Bolt down installation
Other Accessories: Gaskets and Hardware
Manufacturer Warranty: 5 Year or 50,000 Miles
Number of Oxy-gen Holes: 4
Mounting Position: Front Rear

Reference OEM Number: 42113, 42114
2011-2014 200 V6 3.6L
2011-2016 Town Country V6 3.6L
2011-2014 Avenger V6 3.6L
2011-2016 Grand Caravan V6 3.6L
2011-2018 Journey V6 3.6L
2012-2014 Ram Cargo Van V6 3.6L
2011-2014 Routan V6 3.6L

1. Operating conditions: The three-way catalytic converter needs to be operated under proper working conditions, which usually require high temperatures for optimal results. Therefore, at cold start, the catalytic converter may take some time to reach an effective operating temperature.
2. Meet or exceed the original equipment specifications providing the finest sealing products available
3. Compact Size and Shape.Quick and Easy Installation
4. High flow design retains maximum engine output and maximizes catalytic efficiency. To provide more oxygen to your engine for an increase in power and performance.
5. HIGHER EFFICIENCY QUALITY: Internal ceramic substrates contain ample metal catalysts and offer a larger surface area to fully react; Adopts stainless steel shell that highly resists heat, rust, and corrosion for longer service life, no worry about bending or melting.
6. EPA CERTIFIED: EPA Federal Standard Certificated
7. The ceramic carrier completely fills the inside of the interior of metal shell. The ceramic carrier is honeycomb, hollow , and coated with Rare Earth Stablizers metals. The hollow carrier is to help the gas flow.
8. The ceramic hollow interior is coated with rare earth stablizers metals, after full testing under extreme conditions,the heat resistance has been greatly improved and the service life has been fully extended.

ATTENTION:This item doesn’t ship to California, Colorado, New York, and Maine, please confirm before purchase.
🚘Vehicle Compatibility: High Flow Catalytic Converter Kit compatible with 2011-2014 200/ Avenger/Ram Cargo Van/Routan V6 3.6L, 2011-2016 Town & Country/Grand Caravan, 2011-2018 Journey V6 3.6L . Please make sure whether the Catalytic Converter fits your car before placing order.
🚘OE-Quality: High Flow Catalytic Converter Kit replace OE part number# 16779 16780. Direct-Fit Stainless Steel Catalytic Converter manufactured to OE specification to match the fit form and function of the factory design.
🚘Working Principle: The Catalytic Converter converts harmful substances in the exhaust gas into harmless substances through catalytic reaction inside. Carbon monoxide is oxidized to carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides are reduced to nitrogen, and combustible hydrocarbons are oxidized to water vapor.
🚘MAINTENANCE AND CAUTION: In order to ensure the proper operation of the Catalytic Converter, it needs to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis. At the same time, factors that bring damage to the catalytic converter need to be avoided, such as the use of low quality fuel or the addition of inappropriate additives.
🚘Buyer’s Note: Our catalytic converters have strict production procedures and comply with EPA standards and Obd3 standards. However, due to the increased emission standards in California, Colorado, New York, and Maine, no sales were carried out in these states.


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