TAKAVU Master Wheel & Tire Brush, Easy Reach Wheel and Rim Detailing Brush Long Soft Bristle, Car Tire Brush, Wheel Scrub Brush, Multipurpose use for Wheels Rims Exhaust Tips Motorcycles (Blue)




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Product Description

car wheel brushcar wheel brush

TAKAVU Master Bristle Wheel Brush

Properly cleaning your wheels is one of the most important & time consuming jobs. Even though you may have the right wheel cleaner, now you need the perfect wheel brush to make cleaning rims of dirt, grime and brake dust a breeze. Thankfully, we at TAKAVU have experience with a lot of wheel brushes, and we have our favorites to share with you.

The Brush uses every inch of its soft scratch-free bristles to get deep into the areas that need thorough cleaning. This is the perfect tool for scrubbing deep inside the barrel of alloy wheels for a deep cleaning through and through, also around brake calipers, the inner wheel rim, and behind wheel spokes.


rim brushrim brush

tire brushtire brush

engine brushengine brush

Exhaust Tip cleaning brushExhaust Tip cleaning brush


Soft enough to not damage any paint, yet tough enough to easily clean away brake dust, dirt, oil, road grime, and many more in tight and far areas, help save much of your time and money.


This flexible brush is 16.5-inch in length, great for cleaning deep into alloy wheels, rims custom rims and between wheel spokes, between the rotor and the inside of the wheel, and any other hard-to reach to reach areas.


The Rubber ring between the handle and hair which can protect the users hand from being hurt when cleaning the deep rims. Durable plastic handle is scratch and abrasion resistant, will not damage wheel finishes.


Rubber Brush Tip on the top of the brush prevents your car rims from scratching when cleaning inside rims. The package also comes with one more tip for replacement.

car rim brushcar rim brush

car cleaning brushcar cleaning brush

motorcyle cleaning brushmotorcyle cleaning brush


Our wheel brush is suitable for cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, wheels, rims, spokes, grills, engine bays, exhaust tips, bumpers, vents, and much more. And the brush can also clean things around the house, such as dryers vent hoses, sinks and other.

Warm Tips

After using, please wash the brush thoroughly. Let it air dry and store in a cool and dry place or hang it on with the hole on the handle.

Do not let it expose to sunlight in a long time for the best durability.

Specification Brand: TAKAVU Package includes: 1 x Wheel Brush Total length: 16.5 inches Material: Premium synthetic bristles, rubber handle Color: Red, Orange, Blue

Number of Items
1 1 1 1

Red & Black Orange & Black Blue & Black Green & Black

Use for
Car wheel and tire cleaning Car wheel and tire cleaning Car wheel and tire cleaning Car wheel and tire cleaning

Brush Length
16.5 inches 16.5 inches 16.5 inches 16.5 inches

Item quantity
2 4 1 4 3 10

Use for
Carpet, upholstery, seats, cockpit, shoes, boots, furniture, gloves, coats, clothes, bag, car interior Suede, nubuck or napped finished leather Shoes, leather sofa, bed sheet, gloves, coat, clothes, bag, upholstery Shoes, boot, leather, sofa, bed, sheets, gloves, coat, clothes, bag Fine silver, sterling coin, silverware, flatware, serving tray, antiques, watches, jewelry Wheel, engine bay, exhaust tip, bumper, fender, air vent, Nappa leather seat


Easy to use

Ergonomic design

Premium Detailing Brush: Our wheel brush has bristles measuring 9.5 inches, making it easy to reach delicate nooks and crannies in wheel rims and tires. The brush features a specialized design that effectively removes stubborn dirt, brake dust, and grime from the wheel rim, saving you time and effort.
High-quality Bristles: Equipped with soft synthetic bristles, this wheel cleaner brush gently and effectively scrubs and cleans without scratching or damaging the surface. Please note that you should use the side of the brush to clean and avoid using the top.
Flexible and Durable: The handle of the wheel brush for car detailing is made of solid and durable plastic material, capable of withstanding repeated use and retaining its shape, ensuring long-lasting performance. It also includes a knuckle guard to protect your hand and fingers safety.
Reach Difficult Areas: The wheel scrubber is designed with a slim, elongated shape and circular bristles, allowing it to easily reach and clean tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas of the wheel rim.
Safe for Wheel Surface: The Takavu master wheel brush is gentle on wheel surfaces, ensuring that it does not cause any damage or leave scratches while providing thorough cleaning. Add this product to your cart today and experience its usefulness firsthand.


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